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About Twist of Irish

A must  for anyone looking to immerse in the magic of traditional Irish dance & culture.


About Twist of Irish

Mary and Karen are the dynamic duo behind Twist of Irish, a dance experience like no other. With their combined passion for Irish dance and extensive backgrounds in corporate organisations, they have successfully created a unique business in the beautiful village of Malahide, Ireland.

Mary Grimes, having danced since she was a little girl and owner of the Mary Grimes School of Irish dancing choreographs our dancers to be part of our unique event and brings a wealth of experience and expertise to Twist of Irish. Her love for Irish dance has taken her to many countries, performing. Mary’s deep understanding and skill in Irish dance make her an exceptional teacher. Her dedication and commitment to the art form have led her to open her own Irish dance school.

Karen, on the other hand, comes from a corporate background, bringing valuable business experience to the partnership. Her expertise in managing operations, marketing, and customer relations has played a crucial role in establishing Twist of Irish as a successful business venture. Karen’s ability to combine her business acumen with a passion for Irish culture has been instrumental in creating a unique and unforgettable experience for visitors to Ireland.

The bond between Mary and Karen is evident in their seamless collaboration. Their complementary skills and shared vision have allowed them to work together effectively, bringing Twist of Irish to life. By combining their love for Irish dance and their business expertise, they have created an experience that showcases the rich Irish heritage in a way that captivates and delights visitors.

Twist of Irish was launched in March 2022 in the picturesque town of Malahide, where both Mary and Karen reside. Located in Ireland, Twist of Irish offers visitors a truly immersive and authentic Irish experience. Through their dance performances, workshops, and interactive sessions, visitors have the opportunity to embrace the spirit of Ireland and connect with its rich cultural traditions.

With Mary’s passion for Irish dance and Karen’s business acumen, Twist of Irish has quickly become a must-visit destination for anyone looking to experience the magic of Irish culture.

Their dedication to providing a uniquely Irish experience sets them apart, making Twist of Irish a memorable and enchanting venture for all who step through their doors.


Serving And Providing Best Services For Clients

A brilliant Irish showcase

Join us for a delightful 90-minute adventure focused on mastering the fundamental moves of Irish dance, all while enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of the charming villages of Malahide and Swords in Dublin.

Corporate & private events

Twist of Irish boasts a talented ensemble of musicians and dancers ready to deliver captivating live performances for a variety of occasions, including: weddings, private parties and corporate functions.

Our skilled dancers can be customized to suit the unique atmosphere and setting of your event. Additionally, we offer the option of including a traditional Irish band upon request.

A truely immersive experience
Participants will have the opportunity to experience traditional Irish dance showcases featuring our talented team of professional dancers adorned in authentic Celtic attire.

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